Robert Bockel

Retirement & Wealth Advisor

Bob grew up in Orland Park, Illinois and graduated from Marist High School in 1989. He the went to the University of Iowa as a pre-med major. The intention was to follow his father into medicine. After it became clear that medicine was not to be his career path the plan was law school or an MBA program. Then a few friends and family members recommended the trading floor before committing to future schooling. He did just that and traded on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange from 1994 - 2002. Here he saw the euphoria of the 90s tech boom and the subsequent collapse. During this time he learned two things that would shape his future career: a healthy skepticism of financial institutions and the search for a financial strategy beyond simply hoping for asset prices to cooperate with fortunate timing. From here he began that quest by opening his practice of putting together financial strategies beyond the traditional model. He began primarily working young physicians and entrepreneurs. Later various dental professionals became another primary part of his practice. Today he enjoys having these conversations with those looking to create improved financial strategies by properly positioning all of the various aspects of their financial lives.

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